Delivery work assignments

  1. Prepare MLS & Full Resolution Files.
  2. Create Animoto Slideshows.
  3. Upload Slideshows & Videos to YouTube.
  4. Prepare Matterport 3D. Order Floor Plans.
  5. Download & Prepare Cubicasa Floor Plans.
  6. Deliver files to clients.
  7. Send Collections To Clients.
  8. Receive Collections & Distribute Them To Editors.
  9. CheckFolders for the New Photography Day.


Checking & Preparing Files

  • Check daily work assignments in the calendar.
  • Communicate with the Q Team about completed orders.
  • Open the calendar to select the specific client before the further process.
  • Check all the extras that the client has ordered. Such as Slideshow, Floor Plan, or Matterport 3D Scans. Also possible Virtual Staging.
  • Create Full Resolution or (FR) 3000×2000 px & (MLS) 1920×1280 px and images for Slideshow images are also 1920X1280 px if ordered NO WATERMARK. All image resolution is 240 dpi.
  • Rename all of them accordingly (FR/MLS/VT) to the property address.
  • If there is one – create a Slideshow in Animoto.
  • Duplicate the prepared clip in Animoto according to your image count 10/15/20/25/30/35/40 – it will create a specific length clip.
  • Upload files and render.
  • On the first image – paste the property address.
  • Render clip.
  • Download the clip and upload it to YouTube.
  • Use property front image from Slideshow folder for thumbnail. Or MLS. The difference – MLS has a watermark – Slideshow – does not.
  • Insert all the required info on YouTube such as property name, add to lists, and press PUBLISH.
  • Copy link – insert it in a Word file.
  • Create a Dropbox copy link by right-clicking on the folder.

Prepare a Letter to the Client.

  • Open Gmail – select the client from the
  • Click on his/her email – paste the Word file information that you entered.
  • Adjust subject line, add BCC line to:
  • Attach MLS files.
  • Attach the Floor Plan files (if included).
  • Send everything to the client.
  • Copy the client’s phone number and enter it at
  • Copy SMS text and send it to the
  • Mark it in the calendar. ALT+V. Creates √.
  • Move the whole order to COMPLETED ORDERS.
  • Proceed to the next.

Deliver to the Client.

  • Choose a template according to what you will send. Images/Slideshow/Floor Plan/Video/Aerial or 3D.
  • On the bottom also prepare the SMS text. Same property location, same agent name.
  • Insert the Dropbox link in the Word file.
  • Copy Word files’ content.

Create collections (PICU online)

If the customer selects images you will do the following.

1. Process DNG as usual;
2. Create JPG files from DNG:

2.1. Import all created DNG files to Lightroom;
2.2. Select all – export to COLLECTIONS. (make sure previous collections images are deleted from the dedicated folder).

3. In PICU create a new collection. Name it a property name;
4. Upload all JPG files. Insert files to collection;
5. Create a collection password (today’s day & month example: 0525);
6. Copy collection link;
7. Insert the collection link in the word file that is sent from Gmail. Update password;
8. Add customer email in PICU;
9. Send collection to the client;
10. Email duplicate collection info via Gmail;
11. Send a Text message;
12. Move the property folder to the “Collections Standby” folder;
13. Remove JPG files from the COLLECTIONS export folder.

Stacking & Creating DNG

Uploading Pics to Picu

Distribute collections

1. Check if any collections are selected. (PICU online);
2. If yes – download the selection text file to the appropriate folder;
3. Find and add DNG files to the SORTED folder according to customer selections;
4. Preview in Adobe Bridge for possible mistakes (sometimes clients choose the same images 2 times). Replace with a different shot in a case like that;
5. Deliver images to editors;
6. Move Collection online to trash.

Delete Completed Jobs after 30 Days