New Editor Tasks


Thank you for your interest in working with Repropix Corp. We are always looking for excellent editors to extend our teams.

Please note that we deliver quality products in a short amount of time. If selected – your skills will be used to produce a minimum of 10 images per day with a max discussed personally with you, six days a week. We take only Sundays off.


Edit tasks:

Please download the image tests package here. (Download all provided files)

We have included merged DNG (that’s what our teams use) and a COMPLETE sample for your reference of the quality that we require.

Take these DNG files and create and match the product to the enclosed COMPLETE files.

3-to 5 images should be enough to see your skills. If we see your skills and they will match our quality requirements – we will respond.


• Do a side-by-side comparison with our samples before sending to us! We are looking for a replication of our provided samples.


Thank you and looking forward to the finished work sample.

P.S. Do not use google drive to deliver files. Dropbox/Sync/WeTransfer is ok.

Email to: