Editor Checklist

Using this checklist will save time and will help to avoid mistakes.

The good editor is the one, who sees the color and notices details.



White things in the image should look white.
Ceilings, baseboards, doors and window frames, bathroom counters are usually white.


Wall colors should be consistent in all the pictures of the same room. Meaning, same room should have identical wall color no matter the angle.


Floor & carpet color – refer to DNG for carpet color.

Wood – refer to DNG for wood floor color.


The floor color should be consistent with the pictures.



Pay attention to brightness levels of walls, floor, and furniture details.
Make them lighter or darker appropriately.


Windows should be HDR quality. Means we see exterior images, not blown.
Window frames most of the time are white, not grey otr yellow or blue.


No haze on ceiling lamps, wall lamps, and table lamps.They must be as clear as possible.


No unwanted color tones in the image.
For example – the white ceiling looks dirty with other color tones.
Always desaturate whites on ceilings.


No blue, yelow or magenta tones on the floor, furniture or other things things.


Geometry is always corrected – pictures are always vertically and horizontally straight.


No smoke or haze details in the images.
It has to be clean & clear.
You have DNG and RAW files to check the color and also to remove the haze & smoke from the light arround the windows.


Remove dots & camera artifacts from the image if present. Remove camera in any reflections if present. Mirrors, windows or furniture.



Bright and correct colors. Remove sun glares if present.


No sun in the sky and always blue sky.
If there is a blue sky naturally, retain it. If not – replace.


After replacing the sky – clean, reduce blue color cast on roof, walls, windows and also on grass walkways and roads.


Exterior shots are also always upright. Make sure geometry is correct


Grass color is always natural. If fixable gaps are present – clone and make it nice. If disturbing objects are in – remove.


Remove realtor signs or blur them. No signs are allowed. If people are present – blur faces or remove. Blur license plates if cars are present.

• Please check all details before delivering to us.


Just a recap: walls, same room look the same, all lamps must be seen, not washed out, bed sheets, curtains, furniture colors, floor, tiles, countertops, windows frames consistant and correct color.


• Do not overpaint images.


Let’s keep more natural way. Signs in the front of the house (seller name or company), must be removed or blurred. If car is present – license plates are blurred too. No humans in images.