Reminders & suggestions for Clean, Neat NOT Overexposed Images:

• Start editing using correct white balance.

• If the walls, floor, tiles are in the same room – that means they must appear the same in all images from all angles.

• NO blue green reflective tones on the things, such as fridges, microwaves, tables, chairs, ceilings and etc.

• Pay attention to the details while editing, such as bedsheets, pictures, pillows, countertops, toilets and etc.

• NO overexposed images and NO washed-out things. Floors, countertops, TV’s, computer screens must be seen all the way.

• HDR images means that view through windows is clear and outside tone (usually 5400-6000K) is NOT blue or grey. Color!

Your time matters. Ours too. We consult – we do not teach. It is your responsibility to deliver the quality that you are required to.